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Business Initiatives

OMDC presents a range of Business to Business (B2B) events, within and across sectors, and international borders, to foster collaboration, encourage innovation, build business, share best practices and provide networking opportunities.

Please click on each program for more information, including dates and eligibility requirements.

Digital Dialogue (All Sectors)

Useful Links
Industry Development Program 
OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund
OMDC Export Fund – Interactive Digital Media 
OMDC Research Grants 
Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit
Research and Industry Information

Funding Deadlines

August 16, 2017
Canadian Books in Ontario Schools Fund

August 28, 2017
IDM Fund: Production and Concept Definition

October 4, 2017
OMF – Music Futures

October 10, 2017
Film Fund

October 26, 2017
OMF - Music Industry Development


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