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OMDC supports the interactive digital media (IDM) industry through the Interactive Digital Media Fund, with five funding programs including content development and production, global market development activities, marketing support, and targeted support for industry development through trade organizations and domestic marketing events.

Tax Credits
The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (OIDMTC) is a refundable tax credit of up to 40% of eligible Ontario expenditures for interactive digital media products created in Ontario.
Ontario Film Commision
The Ontario Film Commission will help you take projects from script to screen, including 3D animation projects. Services include: pre-production research; location scouting and support; access to our digital locations database; government and community liaison; advice and service
The IDM Fund is aimed at strengthening and stimulating economic growth in the interactive digital media sector. Programs include: Concept Definition and Production; Global Market Development; Marketing Support; and Industry Development.
Business Initiatives
OMDC helps Ontario’s creative industries find partners through a variety of initiatives including: Digital Dialogue; From Page To Screen; International Financing Forum; and Music Makes It!
Research and Industry Information
OMDC provides research on Ontario’s creative industries, including industry profiles. Our Online Research Library is accessible 24/7 and contains hundreds of OMDC-funded and other industry studies.

Funding Deadlines

May 3, 2017
Music Company Development

May 4, 2017
OMF – Music Futures

August 28, 2017
IDM Fund: Production and Concept Definition

October 4, 2017
OMF – Music Futures

October 10, 2017
Film Fund

October 26, 2017
OMF - Music Industry Development


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