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Producers Lab Toronto (PLT) is a Canada-Europe co-production forum delivered through a partnership between OMDC, European Film Promotion (EFP) and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Producers Lab Toronto gathers experienced feature film producers from across Canada and from across Europe for three days of industry programming at the start of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  In 2013 PLT will include producers from guest countries Australia and New Zealand to broaden the range of co-production possibilities.

The objective of Producers Lab Toronto is to discuss projects, build knowledge, grow relationships and support partnership-building for the financing, production and distribution of Canada-Europe and “guest country” co-productions.  Producers Lab 2013 will is scheduled from September 4-7 , 2013 in Toronto, taking advantage of the presence of the global film industry in the city to create a platform for the promotion of PLT participants and their projects.  A total of 24 producers will be selected to participate, ensuring an informal and highly interactive experience.

What Participants Are Saying
“Producers Lab Toronto introduced me to practical information and partnerships that will bridge my passion for storytelling with the realities of co-producing. As a result I signed a co-production agreement with one of the Canadian producers for a project that we hope to have in production by the summer of 2013. Not only did I connect with a partner at Producers Lab, but the visibility we got by announcing the project during TIFF will help us through the life of the project. Dreams do come true!” - Mariano Vanhhoof, Fobic Films, Belgium.

“Whether the objective is to find a coproduction partner on your current production slate or to develop long-term relationships for future projects Producers Lab Toronto is a must for any Canadian producer who wishes to expand their production slate beyond Canada’s borders. “  - Stephen Traynor, The Film Farm, Canada
“Producers Film Lab is a great opportunity to get a clear focused professional overview of the potential co-production possibilities while in the eye of the film festival hurricane.” - Tristan Orpen Lynch, Subotica, Ireland.

“Producers Lab Toronto provided a strong introduction to a group of well-established producers from both sides of the Atlantic. Packed into the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival, the venues and events provided an atmosphere that inspired and motivated the participants in a spirit of international cooperation. We walked away with new insights, new relationships... and a co-production deal!" - Michael Dobbin, Quiet Revolution Pictures, Canada.

Scheduling for selected participants consists of meetings, pitching sessions, case studies and roundtables with other members of the group and industry executives, along with VIP hospitality and networking events.  Canadian producers and their international counterparts are able to exchange ideas and knowledge, while discussing concrete co-production opportunities.  

Benefits of participation in this prestigious programme include three days of relationship-building with high potential producers from a range of European territories, from across Canada, and from Australia and New Zealand.   All participants will also receive a complimentary Industry Pass to the Toronto International Film Festival. Canadian producers who reside outside of Toronto are eligible for subsidy of return flights and four nights of hotel accommodation. In addition, EFP will conduct a publicity campaign to raise the profile of participants.

Producers Lab Toronto receives financial support from the European Union MEDIA Mundus programme, as well as European Film Promotion, OMDC and TIFF, with sponsorship from Telefilm Canada and the participation of Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission.

Deadline for applications from Canadian producers is June 3rd, 2013.   Please submit via the application link below. You can also sign up for program updates via programs@omdc.on.ca

Producers should have projects suitable for Canada-Europe and/or Australia/New Zealand co-production.  Canadian PLT participants will be selected by a steering committee of representatives from OMDC and TIFF.  European participants must be alumni of EFP’s “Producers on the Move” program and are selected by their national film commission or funding agency through the EFP network.   Participants from Australia and  New Zealand  will be selected and supported by Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission.

Canadian applicants must have:
at least one feature film producer credit;
co-production experience or a track record sufficient to make them viable co-production partners;  
one or more projects in development suitable for a Canada-Europe co-production.  

Priority will be given to producers whose last films were:
selected for a significant international festival (including the Toronto International Film Festival);  
theatrically released in Canada;  
sold internationally.

Application Process
Please submit application via the OMDC website through the link below.  Registration fee for accepted Canadian producer applicants is $500, payable on acceptance to the program.    

European Film Promotion website

Ivonete de Sousa
Program Coordinator, Industry Initiatives
Phone: 416-642-6695

To receive notification of upcoming deadlines and program updates, please email programs@omdc.on.ca with your complete contact information, including your full name, company name and telephone number, as well as the name of the program that you are interested in.


Funding Deadlines

May 1, 2014
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Athena Aggelonitis
Program Coordinator
Industry Initiatives
Phone: 416-642-6695