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Producers Lab Toronto (PLT) is an international co-production forum delivered through a partnership between OMDC, European Film Promotion (EFP) and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Producers Lab Toronto gathers experienced feature film producers from across Canada and from across Europe for three days of industry programming at the start of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  In 2014, PLT will again include producers from guest countries Australia and New Zealand to broaden the range of co-production possibilities.

The objective of Producers Lab Toronto is to discuss projects, build knowledge, grow relationships and support partnership-building for the financing, production and distribution of Canada-Europe and “guest country” co-productions.  Producers Lab Toronto 2014 will take place September 3-6, 2014, taking advantage of the presence of the global film industry in the city to create a platform for the promotion of PLT participants and their projects.  A total of 24 producers will be selected to participate, ensuring an informal and highly interactive experience.

What Participants Are Saying 

"This gathering was fantastic primarily due to the quality of the chosen participants. There was a level of experience and talent which provides a platform to really determine what the potential of a project might be and provides fresh ideas to realize it." - Julia Sereny, Sienna Films

"The opportunity afforded by PLT to spend 3 days in the company of such accomplished and generous producers and distinguished guests was one of the most affirming, informative and inspiring experiences in my life as a producer. The unexpected bonus is that we now have a network of colleagues with whom we will continue to collaborate and bounce ideas off of and provide mutual encouragement in the increasingly challenged world of independent film making." - Anna Stratton, Triptych Media

"Producers Lab was a fantastic platform to meet international partners and open the door for future collaborations! Thank you to the OMDC and to all who facilitated and attended this wonderful program." - Alex Lalonde, FG Films

Producers Lab Toronto was a fun and inspiring networking opportunity that left me energized and ready to start pursuing co-production opportunities. I highly recommend it." - Matthew Dabner, Gate 41

Scheduling for selected participants consists of meetings, pitching sessions, case studies and roundtables with other members of the group and industry executives, along with VIP hospitality and networking events.  Canadian producers and their international counterparts are able to exchange ideas and knowledge, while discussing concrete co-production opportunities.  

Benefits of participation in this prestigious program include three days of relationship building with high-potential producers from a range of European territories, from across Canada, and from Australia and New Zealand.   All participants will also receive a complimentary Industry Pass to the Toronto International Film Festival. Canadian producers who reside outside of Toronto are eligible for subsidy of return flights and four nights of hotel accommodation. 

Application Deadline for Canadian Producers 
Monday, July 7, 2014

Producers should have projects suitable for Canada-Europe and/or Australia/New Zealand co-production.  Canadian PLT participants will be selected by a steering committee of representatives from OMDC and TIFF.  European participants must be alumni of EFP’s “Producers on the Move” program and are selected by their national film commission or funding agency through the EFP network.   Participants from Australia and  New Zealand  will be selected and supported by Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC).

Canadian applicants must have:
- at least one feature film producer credit;
- co-production experience or a track record sufficient to make them viable co-production partners;  
- one or more projects in development suitable for a Canada-Europe or Canada-New Zealand/Australia co-production. 

Priority will be given to producers whose last films were:
1. Selected for a significant international festival (including the Toronto International Film Festival);  
2. Theatrically released in Canada;  
3. Sold internationally.

Application Process
Applications are closed for 2014.

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