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Why Choose Ontario











Ontario Creates can help you take your project from script to screen. Whether you produce feature films or television programs, we can scout locations, introduce you to the people you need to talk to, provide information on our facilities and services, and liaise with other government agencies on your behalf.

And we do it all at no cost to you.

Ontario has a proven track record of doing it right. Decades of experience, quality infrastructure and reliable tax credits will save you time and money.

About Us

As the Film Commission for the Province of Ontario, we market Ontario to the feature film and television production industry, providing location scouting and facilitation services.

Primary Film Commission Contacts:

Justin Cutler, Film Commissioner - JCutler@ontariocreates.ca

Janice Reid Johnston, Marketing Consultant - jreidjohnston@ontariocreates.ca

Doug Till, Marketing Consultant - dtill@ontariocreates.ca

Claudia Caravaggio, Digital Library Team Lead - CCaravaggio@ontariocreates.ca

Kelly Graham Scherer, L. A. Marketing Agent - torontoontariofilm@gmail.com

Treat your film and television projects to a no-surprises, best-in-class production experience in Ontario!

You won’t have to look far to find hard-working, dedicated professionals, both technical and creative, who will go the extra mile to make your project happen here.

Decades of experience, skilled crews and the largest talent pool in Canada all contribute to placing Ontario on the short list of international filming destinations.

Producers from all over the world come to Ontario to take advantage of:

  • favourable economic environment including competitive tax credits
  • state-of-the-art production facilities
  • a wide diversity of locations
  • a variety of weather conditions
  • the best technical and creative crews in the business

Scouting and Facilitation

Ontario Creates offers complimentary scouting services to domestic and foreign producers who are seriously considering Ontario. Working either from a script or list of locations, a digital image package from our award-winning Digital Locations Database will help demonstrate that Ontario has the look you need to make your project a success.

The Film Commission is available to help and, when needed, will also engage other government agencies to assist in facilitating filming.  

Tax Incentives

Ontario’s competitive tax credits will save you time and money.

  • Ontario’s 21.5% service tax credit for eligible film & television productions, the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) covers all eligible Ontario production expenditures including labour. The federal government also offers an additional tax credit of 16% (for service productions).
  • The tax credit for domestic productions, the Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) continues to be very attractive for both domestic and co-production activity, offering a 35% tax credit on eligible Ontario labour expenditures, plus an additional 10% regional bonus for filming outside of the Greater Toronto Area. The federal government offers an additional 25% on domestic production labour costs.
  • The Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects Tax Credit (OCASE) provides an additional 18% for eligible labour on VFX and animation activities in Ontario (including on-set labour for green-screen shooting/Green Screen shooting that may be combined with other credits.

*as announced in the April 23, 2015 Provincial Budget*

Click here for more information about Tax Incentives.

Production List

Want to know what feature films, episodic series or television movies are in production in the province?  Every two weeks Ontario Creates publishes a listing of productions shooting or about to shoot throughout the province.

Green Film Making

Ontario Creates supports responsible environmental business practises for the film and television industry.  The agency’s Planet in Focus Green Screen Program  was created in 2007 as the Green Screen Toronto Initiative, supported by the Ontario Creates Entertainment and Creative Cluster Fund, with a mandate to promote the use of eco-conscious techniques in the film and television production process.

An industry-wide organization, Green Screen works with productions to reduce environmental impact, and also publishes the online Green Screen Toronto Resource Guide, which lists information and contacts for environmentally friendly goods and services pertaining to the industry.

For more information on green filmmaking in Ontario, including access to the Resource Guide, contact Green Screen

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