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Ontario is home to innovative post-production, visual effects, animation and 3D facilities, providing world-class creativity and results.

Post-Production and VFX

Ontario’s state-of-the-art post-production and visual effects companies serve both domestic and international clients, providing leading-edge technology solutions for the most demanding projects.

A key benefit to working with one of our VFX or post houses, regardless of where your production is shot, is the ability to access Ontario’s tax credits – both the Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) and Ontario the Computer Animation and Special Effects credit (OCASE).

A complete listing of Ontario’s many Post Production and VFX facilities can be found in the Ontario Production Guide, as well as on the CASO/Computer Animation Studios of Ontario.

2013 CASO VFX Reel


Ontario is home to ground-breaking animation studios that compete at the highest international level. With access to our competitive and reliable tax credits, a world class education system training some of the top animation professionals in the world and cutting-edge software development, Ontario is the best place to base your next animated production.

For more information on animation in Ontario, including demo reels from many local animation companies, visit the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO).

2013 CASO Animation Reel


Ontario should also be top of your mind for your next Stereoscopic 3D production, with local companies providing leading-edge expertise in technical equipment, post-production services and pre-visualization along with information on fully trained S3D crews. Recent productions to feature Ontario 3D expertise include Resident Evil: Afterlife, Saw 7, Silent Hill Revelation and Flight of the Butterflies 3D.

3DOntario.com is a resource for both local and foreign productions interested in working with members of the Ontario entertainment community with 3D production experience, skills, services or equipment. The site allows individuals, organizations, guilds, unions and companies working in stereoscopic and computer-generated 3D to publish their details in an online, searchable database, which can then be viewed by anyone searching for Ontario-based 3D expertise or services.

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