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Labour and Performers

Labour and Performers
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ACTRA Toronto Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television & Radio Artists   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: ACTRA Toronto represents over 15,000 professional actors, background performers, choreographers, dancers, singers, puppeteers, stunt co-ordinators, stunt performers and others who work in live broadcast and recorded media under the Independent Production Agreement (IPA). View current IPA and Rates at: http://www.actratoronto.com/produce/index.html For more information please go to: www.actratoronto.com
Phone: 416-928-2278
FAX: 416-928-0429
625 Church St., Toronto, ON, Canada, M4Y 2G1
AFM Local 149, Toronto Musicians' Association   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: The Toronto Musicians' Association, Local 149 of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM), represents over 3,000 professional musicians working in film, broadcast, new media and live performance covering all aspects of music performance, arranging, orchestration, and music preparation.
Phone: 416-421-1020
FAX: 416-421-7011
15 Gervais Dr., #500, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3C 1Y8
Directors Guild of Canada - Ontario   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: The Directors Guild of Canada, Ontario (DGC Ontario) represents over 1400 creative and logistical personnel in the screen based industry covering all areas of Direction,Design, Production, Locations, Accounting, Sound and Picture Editing. For information on rate sheets, member services and our current Standard Agreement, please contact our office or visit us online at www.dgc.ca/ontario.
Phone: 416-925-8200
FAX: 416-925-8400
111 Peter Street, #600, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 2H1
IATSE Local 411, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: IATSE Local 411 represents Production Coordinators, Craftservice Providers and Honeywagon Operators working in the Film and Television production industry in Ontario. The Production Coordinator job classification includes all "other" coordinators where a Union member is hired in a category that includes but is not limited to; Art Department Coordinator, Clearances Coordinator, Visual Effects Coordinator, Post Production Coordinator, or similar administrative position, for example in the Special Effects or Construction departments.
Phone: 416-645-8025
FAX: 416-645-8026
1315 Lawrence Ave. E., #103, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3A 3R3
IATSE Local 667, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees International Cinematographers Guild   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: The IATSE Local 667 membership consists of Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, Unit Publicists, Unit Still Photographers, Electronic Camera people, Video Assist, Digital Engineers and Technicians, Data Management Technicians, UAV Pilots & Operators, and Camera Trainees in all phases of filmed or electronically recorded theatrical feature films, films for television release or DVD, internet and television series productions.
Phone: 416-368-0072
FAX: 416-368-6932
229 Wallace Ave., Toronto, ON, Canada, M6H 1V5
IATSE Local 873   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: IATSE Local 873 has continuously represented the most skilled, certified, and experienced motion picture technicians in Toronto for more than fifty years. We are ready, willing, and able to work with every production level and will tailor a contract to your individual budget level. Contracts and Rates:www.iatse873.com/contracts-and-rates-0
Phone: 416-368-1873
FAX: 416-368-8457
1315 Lawrence Ave. E., Unit 104, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3A 3R3
NABET 700 UNIFOR   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: NABET 700 UNIFOR represents over 1,000 film, television and digital media technicians in 15 different technical categories in the Province of Ontario. NABET 700 UNIFOR offers a straightforward, competitive and negotiated collective agreement that provides predictability and stability with no hidden costs and supplies a highly skilled, efficient and professional crew on a non-seniority basis to service your production. Agreement & Rates: www.nabet700.com/producers/agreements/ Member Resumes: www.nabet700.com/producers/resumes/
Phone: 416-536-4827
FAX: 416-536-0859
100 Lombard St., Suite 203, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5C 1M3
Screen Composers Guild of Canada   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: National association of English-speaking professional music composers and producers for film, television, and media.
Phone: 416-410-5076
FAX: 416-410-4516
41 Valleybrook Drive, Toronto, ON, , M3B 2S6
Union Des Artistes Toronto Bureau   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: Representing French language performers
Phone: 416-485-7670
FAX: 416-485-9063
625 Church St., #103., Toronto, ON, Canada, M4Y 2G1
WGC Writers Guild of Canada   - Type: Unions & Guilds - Toronto Area / Regional: Toronto Area - Location: Toronto (GTA)
Description: The Writers Guild of Canada (WGC) represents more than 2,200 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada. These are the creators who write the Canadian entertainment we enjoy on our televisions, movie screens and digital platforms. The WGC is the voice of screenwriters in Canada, and advocates for policies and programs that support opportunities for all Canadian creators.
Phone: 416-979-7907
FAX: 416-979-9273
366 Adelaide St. W., #401, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 1R9