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Film Fund


Maudie | 2016 Atlantic Film Festival | Gordon Parson Award for Best Atlantic Feature


Unless | 2016 TIFF Special Presentation


Two Lovers and a Bear | 2016 TIFF Special Presentation


The Skyjacker’s Tale | 2016 TIFF Docs


Mean Dreams | 2016 TIFF Special Presentation


League of Exotique Dancers | 2016 Don Haig Award Recipient – Ed Barreveld, Producer

The OMDC Film Fund is intended to increase the level of domestic feature film production in Ontario. It provides support to Ontario producers for feature film projects in the final stages of development and production financing.

The Ontario Government’s Culture Strategy goals include the promotion of cultural engagement and inclusion; strengthening culture in communities and fueling the creative economy. In support of these goals, the Film Fund (Cycle 2) will introduce enhanced support for films with diverse elements in order to help achieve these important goals.

The Film Fund diversity enhancement will provide support to films that meet the provincial definition of diversity which includes, but is not limited to: ancestry, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, language, physical and intellectual ability, race, religion (creed), sex, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. In the case of coproduction, non-traditional partners or jurisdictions will also be considered.

In order to reduce barriers to entry, the diversity enhancement will allow applications for projects with lower budget thresholds than the usual requirement for the Film Fund. Feature projects applying for the diversity enhancement must have a minimum budget of $750,000 and documentaries must have a minimum budget of $500,000 for both the production and development streams. In addition, funding commitments for selected production projects under the diversity enhancement may exceed the usual caps of $400,000 (feature) and $150,000 (documentary), or more than 15% of the project budget. 

The OMDC Film Fund consists of two components: Development and Production

Deadline: October 10, 2017 (by 5:00 pm EST)

Funding Available

Development : provides funding in the form of an interest-free loan of up to $25,000 for the final stages of development and packaging.

Production : provides funding in the form of a repayable advance of up to $400,000 in production financing for dramas and $150,000 for documentaries, capped at 15% of the budget on a last-in basis to complete the financing of a feature film. Films applying for the diversity enhancement are eligible for increased caps but applicants must contact the OMDC in advance of their application.

NOTE: Full eligibility requirements, including the diversity enhancement, can be found in OMDC Film Fund UPDATED Production Guidelines and OMDC Film Fund UPDATED Development Guidelines. Please read the guidelines completely before beginning your application. OMDC reserves the right to revise Guidelines and Application Forms. Please ensure that you have the current versions before preparing your documentation.

Application Process  

  • Applicants must submit their application to OMDC electronically through the Online Application Portal (OAP) at https://apply.omdc.on.ca.
  • Applicants that do not have a user account on OAP, should go to https://apply.omdc.on.ca and click on “Register”. For assistance, please see OMDC’s website for the “OAP Quick Start Guide”.
  • Applications will be reviewed by OMDC for completeness, eligibility and financial viability.
  • Applications that pass this initial review will be assessed by an industry jury and OMDC for final funding recommendations.
  • Decisions will be announced on or about February 1, 2018. Successful applicants must enter into a funding commitment agreement with the OMDC within one month of notification
  • OMDC reserves the right to withdraw its funding commitment should project financing not be complete within the negotiated time frame, the project no longer meets one or more of the funds eligibility requirements or the project changes significantly from time of initial commitment.
  • Applications must be received at OMDC offices electronically via the OAP system no later than 5:00 pm on the date of the deadlines.
  • Applications that are received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • It is imperative that applications include all the required materials listed on the application form.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Applications for the diversity enhancement must complete and submit a Diversity Enhancement Addendum, here.The addendum must be provided as part of the film fund application at the time of submission. Addendums will not be accepted after an application has been submitted.

FILM FUND Information sessions

Information Session - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 
      10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST
Conference Centre, Main Floor, North Tower, 175 Bloor Street East, Toronto.


Information Session 2 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Monday, September 25, 2017 
      2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST
Conference Centre, Main Floor, North Tower, 175 Bloor Street East, Toronto.



Thursday, August 24, 2017
      2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST


*Note: Access to this information session is limited. Priority will be given to persons with accessibility challenges, and registrants outside of the GTA. Online information session participants will receive an invitation via email with a link and password to login and will be able to call in via conference call during the session.


DIVERSITY ENHANCEMENT Information sessions

Information Session - REGISTRATION CLOSED 

Monday, August 28, 2017 
      10:00 am - 11:30 am EST
Conference Centre, Main Floor, North Tower, 175 Bloor Street East, Toronto.



Tuesday, September 5, 2017
      1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EST


OMDC will offer additional information sessions detailing how to apply for the diversity enhancement, as requested and in one-on-one meetings. Requests can be sent to programs@omdc.on.ca

If you are interested in attending an Ontario Media Development Corporation Information Session but require it be conducted in French please send a request to programs@omdc.on.ca by September 12, 2017 and arrangements will be made to schedule an additional session on an alternate date.

 If you are interested in attending an OMDC Information Session and have additional accessibility issues that need to be considered, please contact us as above.

Guidelines and Application Forms:

OMDC Film Fund – UPDATED Development Guidelinespdf icon

OMDC Film Fund - Development BudgetExcel icon

OMDC Film Fund – UPDATED Production Guidelinespdf icon

Schedule of Minimum Commitment of Ontario Expenditures Excel icon

OMDC Film Fund – Applicant Production Company Statementpdf icon

OMDC Film Fund - Diversity Enhancement Addendum MS Word icon

Application Form/Online Application Portal


Program Coordinator, Industry Initiatives 

Phone: 416-642-6697


Enquiries regarding the Online Application Portal (OAP) should be directed to applyhelp@omdc.on.ca

To receive notification of upcoming deadlines and program updates, please email programs@omdc.on.ca with your complete contact information, including your full name, company name and telephone number, as well as the name of the program that you are interested in.