Canada’s magazine sector includes consumer and business-to-business (B2B) brands, with content distributed both in print and digitally, via a variety of web and mobile channels. Business models in the magazine industry increasingly incorporate a range of revenue streams beyond traditional subscription and advertising, such as custom publishing, events-based and retail-based revenue generation strategies.

Ontario has the largest magazine media industry in the country. It generated $935 million in operating revenues in 2015, which accounted for more than half of national revenues.1

Industry Size and Economic Impact

Note: The following information on revenue, employment and the consumer market should be considered a snapshot of activity in the industry based on the best available information.2 All dollar figures are in CAD unless otherwise noted.

Revenues and Related Figures

Employment and Wages

Consumer Market

Trends and Issues

Growth Rate and Industry Trends

Global and Domestic Issues

Government support46

Industry Recognition

Profile current as of August 15, 2018


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