Interim Update to March 2018 Profile

September 2018

Ontario Creates Industry Profiles receive a full update once per year. The interim update summarizes key changes approximately six months after the profile’s release.

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March 2018 Profile


Ontario is one of the largest film and television production centres in North America, with the economic contribution of film and television productions supported by the Province of Ontario valued at $1.6 billion in 2017.1 Ontario is home to world-class animation and visual effects studios and includes players across all parts of the audiovisual content production and delivery value chain.

The film and TV production industry in Ontario is mainly made up of small- to medium-sized companies producing a combination of their own proprietary productions and service productions with international partners. In 2016-17, Ontario generated 35% of national film and television production volume.2

Industry Size and Economic Impact

Employment and Wages

Production Volume and Budgets

Revenues and Related Figures

Consumer Market

Trends and Issues

Growth Rate and Industry Trends

Global and Domestic Issues

Government Support49

Industry Recognition

Profile current as of March 29, 2018



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