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One of Ontario’s great advantages is our strength across so many different sectors – and the collaboration that takes place between the sectors to exploit those strengths to even greater advantage.  OMDC is committed to sustaining the commercial and market success of Ontario’s creative companies as they develop, produce and roll out their products onto digital platforms. As delivery platforms continue to rapidly change and evolve, cross- sector partnerships are more vital than ever to our cultural industries. OMDC is uniquely positioned to bring these creative communities together at events like From Page To Screen; Music Makes It!; IFF (International Financing Forum at TIFF); Producers Lab Toronto.

Industry Development Program
OMDC provides support to Ontario’s cultural entrepreneurs by partnering with established trade and event organizations to offer initiatives, events and activities that stimulate the growth of the cultural media industries.
Business Initiatives
OMDC helps Ontario’s creative industries find partners through a variety of initiatives including: Digital Dialogue; From Page To Screen; International Financing Forum; and Music Makes It!
Research and Industry Information
OMDC provides research on Ontario’s creative industries, including industry profiles. Our Online Research Library is accessible 24/7 and contains hundreds of OMDC-funded and other industry studies.



Funding Deadlines

October 2, 2018
Film Fund

October 4, 2018
OMF – Music Futures

October 4, 2018
OMF - Live Music

October 22, 2018
OMDC Business Intelligence Program

October 25, 2018
OMF - Music Industry Development


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