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Vendors and Suppliers

OMDC pays vendors and suppliers electronically via direct deposit. In order to process payment to your company electronically, we will require your authorization and banking information. Instructions and the Authorization Form are available here.

Note – This form is for use by vendors and suppliers only and is not for use by grant recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions – OMDC Electronic Payments

What is an electronic payment?

  • An electronic payment (also known as direct deposit, EFT, or ACH) is a deposit of funds directly into a payee's bank account. 

Why is OMDC switching to electronic payments?

  • Faster - no time in the mail system
  • Reduced risk of cheques lost or stolen in the mail
  • More environmentally friendly - less paper, no fuel used for transport

Is OMDC’s electronic payment system secure?

  • Yes, OMDC’s electronic payment system is secure
  • The payment is a bank-to-bank transaction
  • Bank account information will be seen by only a few staff in OMDC’s accounting department, and will be stored in a secure location with restricted access.

How do I register for electronic payment?

  • To register for electronic payment by OMDC, please complete and sign the Direct Deposit Authorization form, attach a void cheque and send to Accounts Payable, OMDC, 175 Bloor St. E., South Tower, Suite 501, Toronto, M4W 3R8.
  • The Direct Deposit Authorization form may be found here.

What if I want to make a change in my direct deposit banking information?

  • If a change is required to information previously provided we ask you to submit a new Direct Deposit Authorization form to OMDC.

Does OMDC charge a fee for electronic payments?

  • No, OMDC does not charge a fee for electronic payments.

How will I be notified when a payment is made?

  • When payment has been made you will receive an automated email at the address specified on the Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Other questions?