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Ontario Wordmark


The EPS files were created in Adobe Illustrator. Using Illustrator, open these files either by clicking on them or from within their application. These files are vector based and can be sized up or down without losing resolution, then saved for either print applications or imported into a graphics software such as Photoshop and saved out as PICT for use in most non Linear systems. When saving the files please note that the files should be renamed with an eps extension. In illustrator the file can also be sent to a high resolution printer for creation of lithos or PMTs which can be shot under an animation stand. The integrity of the wordmark and the lettering of the screen credit must be maintained at all times. This means that users cannot modify the Ontario wordmark logo as it appears on the web site. They may, however, adjust the writing to make it more legible.

Image Representation
Image Link
Tac Credit Wordmark image
ontario_eng.eps 586kb
Tax Credits Wordmark image French
ontario_fr.eps 709kb