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Holiday Card 2017

It Snowed

Artist and Composer | Meaghan Smith 
Publisher | Meaghan Smith Music Publishing (SOCAN)
Administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing [ASCAP]
For more information visit | https://WarnerMusicCanada.lnk.to/It_Snowed

This materialis available in alternative formats upon request. Please direct requests for alternative formats to reception@omdc.on.ca

It Snowed

Artiste et compositrice |  Meaghan Smith
Éditrice |Meaghan Smith Music Publishing (SOCAN)
Administré par Kobalt Songs Music Publishing [ASCAP]
Renseignements  |  https://WarnerMusicCanada.lnk.to/It_Snowed

Ce matériel est disponible sur demande sousforme de médias substituts. Veuillez adresser les demandes de médias substitutsà reception@omdc.on.ca.