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The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) is a Crown Agency of the Province of Ontario, established under the Development Corporations Act. As a classified agency, and as part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative, OMDC is required to publish a list of all of the datasets created, collected and/or managed in the following Data Inventory. The act of making OMDC’s Data Inventory public is part of Ontario’s commitment to improving transparency, accountability and openness.

The Data Inventory lists all data sets, and identifies whether a data set is currently open, in the process of being opened, or is exempt from being released as Open Data for any reason. These reasons can include: legal, security, privacy, confidentiality, or commercially-sensitive reasons. OMDC’s Open Data Inventory includes the following datasets:

OMDC Data Set Inventory

Government Data that is made available to the public will be released over the internet in an Open Format, at no charge to the user, and will be released under the Open Government Licence.

Open Government Licence

As an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, the OMDC, is subject to the Government of Ontario’s Management Board of Cabinet Directives, specifically, the Agencies & Appointments Directive and the Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expenses Directive. To fulfil these directives, the Ontario Media Development Corporation has posted the following documents:

OMDC posts the travel, meal and hospitality expenses of its Board of Directors (appointees) and President and CEO (staff at the Senior Management Group level 3 and above). Expenses are posted on a quarterly basis following appropriate approvals and reimbursement.

Travel, meal and hospitality expenses

OMDC’s relationship and obligations to the Ministry are laid out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The MOU is an internal document which is reviewed every five years and when there is a change of Minister or Agency Chair.  The MOU is posted on OMDC’s website as part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative.

Memorandum of Understanding

OMDC files annual Business Plans with the Ministry detailing program goals, strategies and financial plans for the fiscal year.  The Business Plan is an internal document which, once approved by the Minister, is posted on OMDC’s website as part of Ontario’s Open Government initiative.

Business Plan

We will continue to update this page on regular basis on the spirit of the government’s commitment to “Open by Default” and welcome your feedback at reception@omdc.on.ca.