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Welcome to Ontario Creates' newly updated Ontario Production Guide (OPG) - now available in a searchable database format.

The OPG remains the most comprehensive guide to goods and services for Ontario’s film and television production and post-production industry, and includes contacts and information on a wide variety of goods and services related to the film and TV sector, including: labour; studios; post-production; 3D, VFX & animation; equipment; accommodations; transportation; casting; personal services; government; financial services,  and much, much more! 

Whatever your project requires – from prep to wrap to post – you will find it in the Ontario Production Guide!

Regional Film Contacts
Municipal and Regional film contacts
Labour & Performers
Guilds, Associations, and Unions
Location Services
Permits, Prep/wrap services, Scouting, Police and Fire, Safety and Supply
Equipment & Raw Stock
Camera, 3D, Grip, Lighting, Cranes, generators, Film Stock, Expendables
Post, VFX & Animation
3D Post, Labs, Sound and Film Post, Animation, VFX, Music, Stock Footage
Support Services
Agents, Animal Handlers, Awards and Associations, Festivals, Bond companies, Casting, Catering, Craft Service, Clearances, Couriers, Customs Brokers, Education, Insurance, Office space and equipment, Picture vehicles, Props, Set Decoration, Construction, Special Effects, Stunts, Storyboards, Wardrobe, Hair and Make-Up
Unit vehicles, Motor homes, Car and truck rentals, Limousines, Aircraft, Boats
Travel & Accommodation & Personal Services
Travel agencies, hotels, motels, short-term apartments/suites

New/Revised listings 

For new listings in the Ontario Production Guide, as well as to revise an existing listing, please fill out the form below and email it in to productionguide@ontariocreates.ca

Ontario Production Guide Listing Formpdf icon

For any other Ontario Production Guide inquiries please contact Doug Till at
(416) 645-8513 or dtill@ontariocreates.ca

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Ontario Production Guide
Ontario Production Guide