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Summer 2016

James Weyman

OMDC is saying goodbye to longtime colleague, James Weyman, Manager of Industry Initiatives, at the end of June. James joined the agency from the cultural industries thinking it would be a good gig for a few years. Twenty-seven years later he is finally returning to the private sector and excited about pursuing new opportunities.

During his time at OMDC he has been committed to supporting the development of talent, creative voices, and entrepreneurship that promote strong cultural industries in Ontario.

James graduated from York University with an MA, where he co-produced his brother Bay Weyman’s Student Academy Award-winning film The Leahys: Music Most of All. Realizing a degree in anthropology and film was not a ticket to the C Suite, James bootstrapped his way into being an independent filmmaker and producer with his brother at Close Up Films, where he combined his creative and entrepreneurial interests in the cultural industries. He joined the Ontario Film Development Corporation in 1989 to work on the film and TV development and production team. Going from indie filmmaker to funding decision maker, he oversaw and supervised all of the OFDC’s television production and development commitments and participated in the feature film progamming between 1989 and 1995.

James was instrumental in creating the Al Waxman Calling Card Program for short dramatic and documentary films. In partnership with Showcase, TVOntario and the NFB, OMDC invested in 60 half-hour docs and dramas that helped to launch the careers of numerous writers, directors and producers.

James was there in the early 2000s when the OFDC became the OMDC and the mandate was expanded from film, TV and “new media” to include books, magazines, music and interactive digital media. Programs like BookMark, Volume One, and Gold Label were launched and eventually became the OMDC Book Fund, Magazine Fund and Music Fund. A new Film Fund was launched along with an IDM Fund. These were complemented with successful strategic support initiatives like the Export Fund and Industry Development Program. Building on the Film Fund and Export Funds, OMDC’s International Financing Forum (IFF) was created in 2005 to promote international financing and co-production opportunities, joined five years later by Producers Lab Toronto, a co-production relationship incubator.

As OMDC’s Manager of Industry Initiatives, James was responsible for a portfolio of annual funds and activities across five sectors, exploring innovative synergies between the sectors through initiatives like From Page to Screen, and Music Makes It as well as the recent Collaboration and Innovation Fund. He has been an important contributor to OMDC’s leadership team and he will be missed.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time at the OMDC,” says James. “Working with all of the different sectors for the last 15 years has been a real gift – I really don’t know many people who have had that opportunity.”

James is looking forward to new challenges through his new company, Barn 12 Inc. where he will continue to nurture talent and explore new horizons. We wish him well!

George McNeillie

After 11 years, OMDC’s Corporate Secretary and Communications Manager, George McNeillie will be retiring at the end of June. He arrived at OMDC in September, 2005 and said he never intended to stay that long, but “I guess I kinda liked the place!” As he noted:  where else can you debate the merits of the Oxford comma with knowledgeable colleagues, or savour homemade ice cream flavoured with brandy and cigars?

A former senior executive at Hill + Knowlton, George also ran his own PR consulting firm for a number of years. In a career spanning 40 years, George’s experience ran the gamut from taking celebrities on media tours to counselling CEOs on multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions – and just about everything in between. He also worked in corporate communications and public affairs for such diverse organizations as Coca-Cola and York University. In addition to his role as corporate secretary for OMDC, George served in leadership roles on numerous volunteer and not-for-profit boards.

George made a tremendous contribution on many fronts during his time at the OMDC. He led us through many stages of our identity and evolution, several Ministers, a few CEOs, and even a few Board Chairs! He wrote countless speeches, managed the production of a vast array of advertisements, products and events over the years, and always delivered with increasing success and impact. He helped to establish the now recognizable OMDC brand, led us (reluctantly) into the era of social media, and has served as our voice for the past decade.

But perhaps most importantly, George has been a generous, kind, and funny colleague who added a great deal of character (and good old fashioned charm) to our OMDC team. We will miss him!

In retirement, George hopes to improve his tennis game and has a couple of book projects nearing completion. He is also registering for Boston University’s online certificate in genealogy in the hopes that he can finally answer the question: Who do you think you are? We wish him all the best in his new adventures!

OMDC’s 2014-15 Annual Report Now Available Online

Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) Annual Report 2014/2015

OMDC Program Deadlines

Note: *All Program Deadlines are by 5 pm

Ontario Music Fund (OMF)

October 4, 2016 - OMF – Music Futures Deadline

  • For Domestic Booking Agents and Music Promoters/Presenters

October 28, 2016 - Music Industry Development


OMDC Film Fund

October 3, 2016 - OMDC Film Fund Development and Production Deadlines

OMDC Research Grants

OMDC offers financial support directly to incorporated not-for-profit industry organizations undertaking research initiatives that support or complement the mandate of OMDC. Proposed projects should achieve one or more of the following goals in the creative media industries: provide information needed by an industry to further industry development or growth; update, improve or strengthen existing data or address an existing information gap or gaps. Full eligibility requirements and guidelines are outlined in the OMDC Research Grant Guidelines.

Upcoming Research Application Deadlines:

  • Tuesday, September 6, 2016;
  • Monday, December 5, 2016;
  • Monday, April 3, 2017

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Don’t Miss Part Two Deadline for Grandfathering of OCASE Rate by July 31

The 2015 Ontario Budget reduced the Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit (OCASE) rate to 18%. However, the Ontario Government also introduced measures to grandfather the higher rate of 20% for OCASE for expenditures incurred after April 23, 2015 and before August 1, 2016 for productions that met the eligibility criteria. To see the eligibility criteria please refer to the Ministry of Finance Bulletin from July 2015:

For OCASE there was a two-part deadline:
Part 1: submit your Notice of Intent to Apply for OCASE Grandfathering form on the OMDC’s Online Application Portal (OAP) by July 31, 2015. (now closed)

Part 2: submit your actual OCASE tax credit application for a certificate in respect of an eligible production on the OAP by Sunday, July 31, 2016.

The OAP can be found here:

If you already submitted your Notice of Intent form, don’t miss your second stage deadline for the actual OCASE application. You must meet this second deadline to still be considered eligible for grandfathering.

(Please note that July 31, 2016 is a Sunday. OMDC IT support is only available during regularly scheduled business days and business hours.)

Tax Credit Tip to Speed Processing of OIDMTC Applications:

Many OIDMTC applicants already separate out each product developed for a specific platform (e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc.) on their OIDMTC applications. Separating out each version of a product with separate cost allocations and supporting documentation greatly reduces processing time for the OIDMTC. Applicants who have not separated out products by platform will be required to do so before OMDC will proceed with its review of OIDMTC files. If an applicant fails to split out products by platform within thirty days of notification by OMDC, we will close the file.

OMDC's OAP Training Videos Available Online!

We are very pleased to announce that the OAP training videos have gone live and can be found on the Online Application Portal Training Videos page of the OMDC website.

OAP Quick Tip

The Portal Dashboard displays five of the most recent action items by default. To see the full list, click SHOW ALL at the bottom right corner of the Action Items table. You can also remove closed action items from the Dashboard by selecting the HIDE button to the right of the closed items.

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