OMDC Newsletter
September 2014

Check your local listings for these OMDC Film Funded features coming soon to a theatre near you!

The F Word (aka WHAT IF) in theatres August 22, 2014

Director: Michael Dowse
Producers: David Gross, Macdara Kelleher, Andre Rouleau

  The Calling in theatres August 29, 2014

Director: Jason Stone
Producers: Randy Manis, Nicholas Tabarrok, Lonny Dubrofsky, Scott Abramovitch

The Captive - In theatres September 5, 2014

Director: Atom Egoyan
Producers: Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss, Stephen Traynor, Atom Egoyan


Altman – In theatres September 19, 2014
2014 Venice International Film Festival - Venice Classics Selection
Director/Producer: Ron Mann

Dr. Cabbie - In theaters September 19, 2014

Director: Jean-François Pouliot
Producers: Ajay Virmani, André Rouleau, Pauline Dhillon

  After The Ball - In theatres October 3, 2014

Director: Sean Garrity
Producers: Don Carmody, Robin Crumley, Gabriella Martinelli, Jane Silverstone-Segal


Each of these exciting films was made right here in Ontario with support from the OMDC’s Film Fund, which provides funding to Ontario producers for feature films, and has generated an estimated $423.5 million in GDP since its inception.

“OMDC drives investment and job creation in Ontario by working with talented local producers and attracting international productions as well,” says Karen Thorne-Stone, CEO of OMDC. “Our multi-billion dollar creative economy is putting us on the map and showing audiences all around the world, what Ontario has to offer!”

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Attention TIFF® Delegates:
For everything you need to know about OMDC programs, services, and filming on location in Ontario, please visit the OMDC stand during TIFF, 9 am-5 pm from September 4-13th , 2014. We’re located  in the TIFF Industry Centre at the King Street West Hyatt Hotel (next door to TIFF Bell Lightbox) on the east side of the second floor.

Want more homegrown talent at TIFF®? Check out these Ontario films screening this year at TIFF® 2014


Bang Bang Baby - TIFF® 2014 Discovery
Director: Jeffrey St. Jules
Producers: Daniel Bekerman, Jonathan Bronfman, Don Allan


Guidance - TIFF® 2014 Discovery
Pat Mills
Producers: Alyson Richards, Mike MacMillan


Backcountry- TIFF® 2014 Discovery
Director: Adam MacDonald
Producer: Thomas Michael


We Were Wolves - TIFF® 2014 Discovery
Director: Jordan Canning
Producers: Jordan Canning, Steve Cochrane


Monsoon - TIFF® 2014 Docs
Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Producers: Ina Fichman, Sturla Gunnarsson


Speaking Parts - TIFF® 2014 Cinematheque
Director: Atom Egoyan
Producer: Don Ranvaud

Ontario Short Films Screening at TIFF 2014


A Tomb With A View - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Ryan J. Noth
Producers: Ryan J. Noth, Hugh Gibson


An Apartment - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Sarah Galea-Davis
Producer: Karen Harnisch


Burnt Grass - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Ray Wong
Producer: Sabena Kapil


Chamber Drama - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Jeffrey Zablotny
Producer: Elli Weisbaum


Day 40 - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Sol Friedman
Producers: Sol Friedman, Evan Morgan, Sarah Clifford-Rashotte


Entangled - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Tony Elliot


Father - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Jordan Tannahill
Producer: Sam Lebel-Wong


Fire - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Raha Shirazi
Producers: Fulvia D'ottavi, Raha Shirazi


Hole - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Martin Edralin
Producers: Martin Edralin, Laura Perlmutter, Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith


Liompa - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Elizabeth Lazerbrik
Producers: Anna Kharkhourin, Elizabeth Lazebnik


Running Season - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Grayson Moore
Producer: Nigel Turgeon-Mannion


Sleeping Giant - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Andrew Cividino
Producers: Andrew Cividino, Karen Harnisch, Marc Swenker, Aaron Yeger, James Vandewater


Still - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Slater Jewell-Kemker
Producers: Courtenay Bainbridge, Jonathan Bronfman


The Underground - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Michelle Latimer
Producers: Tara Woodbury, Kerry Swanson


What Doesn’t Kill You - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Rob Grant
Producers: Luke Black, Peter Harvey


Zero Recognition - TIFF® Short Cuts Canada
Director: Ben Lewis
Producers: Lauren Collins, Ben Lewis