OMDC Newsletter
September 2013

Looking for more films to see at TIFF® 2013? Check out these films from Ontario filmmakers….

TIFF® Gala - The Grand Seduction - Don McKellar, director   TIFF® Contemporary World Cinema - The Animal Project - Ingrid Veninger, director
TIFF® Contemporary World Cinema - Empire of the Dirt - Peter Stebbings, director   TIFF® Contemporary World Cinema - Siddharth - Richie Mehta, director
TIFF® Contemporary World Cinema - Stay, Wiebke von Carolsfeld, director   TIFF® Special Presentation – Devil’s Knot, Atom Egoyan, director
TIFF® - Docs - Burt's Buzz - Jody Shapiro, director   TIFF® - Docs - Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story - Barry Avrich, director
TIFF® - Docs - When Jews Were Funny - Alan Zweig, director   TIFF® Vanguard - Gerontophilia - Bruce LaBruce, director
TIFF® Vanguard - Asphalt Watches - Shayne Ehman, Seth Scriver, directors   TIFF® Mavericks - Our Man In Tehran - Larry Weinstein, Drew Taylor, directors
TIFF® Wavelengths - Brimstone Line - Chris Kennedy, director   TIFF® Wavelengths - Pepper's Ghost - Stephen Broomer, director


TIFF® Shorts from Ontario filmmakers

Beasts in the Real World - Sol Friedman, director   Candy - Cassandra Cronenberg, director
Firecrackers - Jasmin Mozaffari, director   Method - Gregory Smith, director
Noah - Walter Woodman, Patrick Cederberg, directors   Numbers and Friends - Alexander Carson, director
Out - Jeremy Lalonde, director   Portrait as a Random Act of Violence - Randall Okita, director
Relax, I’m From the Future - Luke Higginson, director   Subconscious Password – Chris Landreth, director
Young Wonder - James Wilkes, director  




® Toronto International Film Festival Inc., used under license.