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Ontario’s Creative Players Know That Music Makes It!

On November 15th the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), in partnership with the North By Northeast Festival and Conference (NXNE) were pleased to present the third annual Music Makes It!, A Transmedia Music Licensing Event for Ontario’s film, television, interactive digital media, interactive technology and music companies.

Seventy companies and key players from Ontario’s content creators came together in this day long cross-sector initiative to forge ties and to discuss new business models in a digital age.

Karen Thorne-Stone, Jim Guthrie, Kris Piotrowski, and Andy McLean
photo by Rick O’Brien
(L to R): Karen Thorne-Stone, OMDC’s President & CEO; Jim Guthrie; Kris Piotrowski, Creative Director & Co-founder, Capybara Games and Andy McLean, Managing Director NXNE.

OMDC President and CEO, Karen Thorne-Stone encouraged the participants to bring their inspiration, ideas and collaborative business potential through the day’s sessions and their 300 pre-arranged business meetings. Judging by the response in the room, the days participants were up for the challenge!

Lunch began with “music meets the game”, a case study of the award-wining game, Sword & Sworcery produced by Capybara Games and supported by OMDC’s Interactive Digital Media Fund. A big thank you to Kris Piotrowski for his insightful presentation and to Jim Guthrie who created music for this game and provided everyone with a special performance.

Kris Piotrowski Capybara Games’ Kris Piotrowski illustrating how Jim Guthrie’s music made it into Sword & Sworcery   Jim Guthrie
Jim Guthrie with his band

photos by Rick O’Brien

Keely Kemp photo by Rick O’Brien
OMDC’s Industry Initiatives Music Consultant, Keely Kemp animates Table 1 at the Transmedia Jam.

Dessert was followed by a “Transmedia Jam”, a half hour brainstorming session with the goal of creating a new product. A key component of the assignment was to incorporate music as an essential element, and of course the new products needed to be in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season! Each table rose to the challenge, and with such great ideas generated, the OMDC/NXNE animators would not be surprised if some of these great ideas are already in the works!

A key component of Music Makes It! is the intensive, back-to-back, one-on-one “speed-meetings”. After nearly three hundred meetings, the day’s participants were welcomed to a reception to enjoy the positive outcomes of the day and to network further. The overwhelming sentiment was that the day was well worth it.

Phil Wilson and Gareth Jones
(L to R) Phil Wilson, Post/Music Coordinator at White Pine Pictures with Gareth Jones, A & R Director at Upper Class Recordings
David Caron and Amy Eligh
(L to R) David Caron, Co-Publisher, ECW Press with Amy Eligh, Creative Manager at Casablanca Media
Erika Evans and Michael Gorman
( L to R) Erika Evans, Producer, Phantom Compass meeting with Michael Gorman, Manager, Pandyamonium Management Inc.

photos by Rick O’Brien


“I think it was really worthwhile and for us, it created a series of new contacts and with that, new ideas. During the whole “speed dating” portion I thought to myself how clever our government is to have the OMDC and to give it this kind of mandate. Sincerely, this is how “stuff” happens….when we all get our faces out of our laptops for an afternoon and go back to that old school model of meeting face to face. Thank you again for making all of this possible and especially for including us!” – Andy Crosbie, Business Affairs, Sparks Music

“Thank you so much for today. It was amazing! The day went by very quickly and I made some great connections. Got the labels and publishers excited about four of our new projects, two of which are in production and expect to have my inbox inundated with some selected music appropriate for those projects. Thank you all so very much for the great job again this year. It just keeps getting better!” – Paul Scherzer, Producer, Six Island Productions

Susan de Cartier and James Weymanphoto by Rick O’Brien
Susan de Cartier, President of Starfish Entertainment/OMDC Board Member with James Weyman, Manager of Industry Initiatives at OMDC

“OMDC is pleased to help Ontario’s content creators collaborate, innovate, and expand into new platforms and markets through cross-sector initiatives such as Music Makes It! Bringing businesses together is just one way the OMDC is supporting the creative industries, helping them remain competitive and building opportunities to lead the world in content and technology.” – Karen Thorne-Stone, President and CEO of OMDC

Thanks to everyone who participated at Music Makes It! 2011. We are sincerely looking forward to next year.


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