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May 2014

OMDC Program Deadlines and News

Note: *All Program Deadlines are by 5 pm

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OMDC Research Grant

June 23, 2014 - OMDC Research Grant Application Deadline
Research grant applicants are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are working with the most current program guidelines and application materials. Please visit our website at this link, before beginning your application for the most up to date guidelines and application processes.

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Industry Development Program

Ongoing | OMDC's Industry Development Program offers financial and, where appropriate, strategic support to established trade and event organizations that are undertaking initiatives that provide business growth and business development opportunities for Ontario cultural media companies. Guidelines are now posted on our website at For further information contact:

OMDC's OAP Training Videos Available Online!

We are very pleased to announce that the OAP training videos have gone live and can be found on the Online Application Portal Training Videos page of the OMDC website.

OAP Quick Tip

Unable to submit your tax credit application? Be sure to send us the completed Signing Officer Delegation form to have the status of the company confirmed today!

Tax Credit Milestones

In recent weeks OMDC has reached several milestones: we issued the 4,000th Ontario Sound Recording Tax Credit Certificate as well as the 5,000th Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit Certificate!

OMDC-Supported Research

Branded Entertainment: The Future of Branded Entertainment
The final white paper in a three-part series, Branded Entertainment: The Future of Branded Entertainment was prepared for the Canadian Media Production Association. It examines where the branded entertainment industry is headed and explores some of the industry’s most innovative case studies. This final paper in the series seeks to tease out the big innovators and trends to help producers begin to develop strategies for participating in this new marketplace.

Economic Contribution of the Commercial Production Industry in Ontario
New research by the Commercial Production Association of Toronto (CPAT) quantifies the contribution of the commercial production industry to Ontario’s economy. Industry activity for commercial television and digital media in the province is measured, including production, revenue, expenditures, employment and economic impact. You can read Economic Contribution of the Commercial Production Industry in Ontario here.

Growing the Pie: Alternative Financing and Canadian Documentary
DOC has released their OMDC-funded report Growing the Pie: Alternative Financing and Canadian Documentary. This research identifies and defines various means of alternative financing available to documentary producers, highlights the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches and investigates other jurisdictions and sectors to seek out additional funding alternatives.

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