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MAY 2013

Digital Issues? OMDC Best Practices Panel and Networking Brunch for the Magazine Sector

Forty publishers were at the Ontario Investment and Trade Centre on May 1 to network and pick up tips from publishers and magazine professionals. Under the banner of ‘Digital Issues’ the event was designed to provide examples of best practices and business development projects in the area of digital publishing, and act as an ideas generator for Magazine Fund applications.

Kristine Murphy, Director of Industry Development Group, OMDC welcomes Ontario magazine publishers

Marty White, Digital Consultant, talks digital strategy

The first part of the event saw digital consultant Marty White lead the audience through a strategic exercise designed to identify their current digital presence and where they want to be.

(L to R): Melony Ward, Azure Magazine; Simon Foster, Blue Ant Media (AUX, Cottage Life, Travel+Escape) and Matt Hilliard-Forde, OMDC

Melony Ward discusses Azure's digital edition           

This hands-on session was followed by detailed presentations from Melony Ward of Azure Magazine on the company’s OMDC-supported digital projects, and Simon Foster of Blue Ant Media (AUX, Cottage Life, Travel+Escape) on its digital publications. The presentations included information on challenges and lessons learned and were followed by a panel discussion which covered topics including advertising, social media, and cross-platform promotion. Digital Issues included brunch and networking opportunities with publishers encouraged to make connections and swap best practice tips.

Digital Issues attendee Gerry Brown. Vice President, 2 For Life Media Inc.
Photos by: Eric Fefferman

“The OMDC Magazine Fund has been essential in supporting our transition from print to digital. We have had to make strategic choices in order to position our business for the future and stay relevant with consumers and advertisers alike. Recognizing our status as a digital magazine this year was another example of the OMDC Magazine Fund acknowledging our ability to use our magazine publishing skill set to produce engaging experiences in digital.” Gerry 2 for Life

OMDC thanks all the attendees, in particular the presenters for generously sharing their time and knowledge. For more photos from this event click here.

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May 29, 2013 Time: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm - OMDC Music Fund Information Session – Click here to access the online registration form Ontario Investment and Trade Centre, 250 Yonge Street, 35th Floor, Seminar Room (Toronto)

May 30, 2013 Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - OMDC Music Fund Webinar – Click here to access the online registration form

OMDC Research Grants
June 24, 2013 - OMDC Research Grants Deadline

Ongoing | OMDC's Industry Development Program now incorporates the previous OMDC Trade Organization Support and Domestic Markets and Events programs. The program offers financial and, where appropriate, strategic support to established trade and event organizations that are undertaking initiatives that provide business growth and business development opportunities for Ontario cultural media companies. Guidelines are now posted on our website at For further information contact:

OMDC's OAP Training Videos Available Online!

We are very pleased to announce that the OAP training videos have gone live and can be found on the Online Application Portal Training Videos page of the OMDC website.

OAP Quick Tip

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Tax Tip

We receive most tax credit application materials via the Online Application Portal, but some things still need to be sent by mail or messenger, such as cheques, DVDs, CDs and books. When you send a package to the OMDC Tax Credits Department, please be sure to enclose a simple cover letter. That letter should reference: the exact name of the applicant company; the specific product, production or application name and its OMDC file number; as well as the name of the Business Officer who is handling the file (if known). This makes it much easier for your materials to be processed quickly and accurately.

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