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March 2015


Ontario talent shone brightly at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards. Here are just a few highlights from Ontario’s award-winning Television, Digital and Film recipients:

Super Duper Alice Cooper (OMDC Film Fund-Supported Feature Documentary)

Ted Rogers Best Feature Length Documentary Award – Super Duper Alice Cooper - Scot McFadyen, Reginald Harkema, Sam Dunn

Best Editing In A Feature Length Documentary – Super Duper Alice Cooper - Alex Shuper, Reginald Harkema
Achievement in Music - Original Song Sponsored by Slaight Music - Dr. Cabbie - Manjeet Ral and Parmjit Sarai Achievement in Music - Original Score
Howard Shore - Maps To The Stars
Shaw Media Award for Best Dramatic Series - Orphan Black
Space (Bell Media) (Temple Street Productions) Kerry Appleyard, Andrea Boyd, John Fawcett, David Fortier, Alex Levine, Graeme Manson, Ivan Schneeberg, Karen Walton, Claire Welland
Shaw Media Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role - Orphan Black - By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried Space (Bell Media) - Tatiana Maslany Bell Media Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Comedic Role Sensitive Skin - Not The Haitian Corpse HBO Canada (Bell Media/ Corus Entertainment) Don McKellar
Bell Media Award for Best Comedy Series - Call Me Fitz
TMN / Movie Central (Bell Media / Corus Entertainment) (Entertainment One Television International, Amaze Film + Television, Big Motion Pictures) Sheri Elwood, Teza Lawrence, David MacLeod, Matt MacLennan, John Morayniss, Margaret O’Brien, Jason Priestley, Derek Schreyer, Michael Souther
Guidestones: Sunflower Noir (iThentic, 3 o’ Supinder Wraich   Best Direction in a Documentary Program | Our Man In Tehran | Drew Taylor Larry Weinstein
Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series Sponsor Family Channel - Degrassi
MuchMusic/MTV (Bell Media) (Epitome Pictures Inc.) Stefan Brogren,Sarah Glinski, Matt Huether, David Lowe, Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stephanie Williams
Best Reality / Competition Program or Series Sponsor | A&E Networks - The Amazing Race Canada CTV (Bell Media) (Insight Production Company Ltd.) Eric Abboud, Mike Bickerton, Barbara Bowlby, John Brunton, Mark Lysakowsk
Best Dramatic Mini-Series or TV Movie Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy
Global (Shaw Media) (Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc., Back Alley Film Productions Ltd.) Janis Lundman, Adrienne Mitchell, Michael Prupas
Best Children's or Youth Non‐Fiction Program or Series Japanizi: Going, Going, Gong!, YTV (Corus Entertainment) (marblemedia) Mark J.W. Bishop, Susan Edwards, Matthew Hornburg, Stephen J. Turnbull
Best International Drama Sponsor - BBC Worldwide - Vikings
History Channel Canada (Shaw Media) (Take 5 Productions) John Weber, Sheila Hockin, Michael Hirst, Morgan O'Sullivan, James Flynn, Alan Gasmer, Sherry Marsh
Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Fiction - Presented with the participation of the Independent Production Fund - Space Riders: Division Earth (iThentic) Lisa Baylin, Dan Beirne, Jonas Diamond, Mark Little, Catherine Tait
Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Program - Tales From The Organ Trade / History Channel Canada; Shaw Media / Associated Producers Ltd. / Ric Esther Bienstock, Felix Golubev, Simcha Jacobovici
Best Original Music for a Non-Fiction Program or Series - Tales From The Organ Trade
/ History Channel Canada (Shaw Media) / John Welsman
Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Research - Apocalypse WWI - Fury / TVO / Knowledge Network / Valerie Combard, Elizabeth Klinck
Best Biography or Arts Documentary Program or Series - UNSUNG: Behind the Glee / TVO / Shaftesbury / Scott Garvie, Christina Jennings, Moze Mossanen, Jeff Spriet
Best Cross-Platform Project – Children’s and Youth - Grojband – The Show Must Go On! / (Secret Location, Fresh TV)/Noora Abu Eitah, Ryan Andal, Pietro Gagliano, Tom McGillis, James Milward
Best Animated Program or Series Sponsor Breakthrough Entertainment - Rocket Monkeys, Teletoon (Corus Entertainment) (Breakthrough Entertainment) Dan Abdo, Casalese, Mark Evestaff, Joan Lambur, Ira Levy, Jason Patterson, Stephanie VanBruggen, Peter Williamson

Best Cross-Platform Project – Non-Fiction - Big Brother Canada Digital / Secret Location / Ryan Andal, Lynne Carter, Michala Duffield, Zach Feldberg, Sean Fernie, Pietro Gagliano, CJ Hervey, Cynthia Long, James Milward, Emily Morgan, Christine Shipton

Best Factual Program or Series - Ice Pilots NWT / History Channel Canada; Shaw Media / Omnifilm Entertainment / Michael Chechik, David Gullason, Gabriela Schonbach
Best Lifestyle or Talk Program or Series - Income Property
/ HGTV Canada (Shaw Media) / SKIT / Jennifer Dick, Jenna Keane, Al Magee, Scott McGillivray, Kit Redmond
Best Original Interactive Production Produced for Digital Media - Fort McMoney / (TOXA, NFB) / David Dufresne, Raphaëlle Huysmans, Philippe Lamarre, Hugues Sweeney Best Original Program or Series produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction - A Short History of the Highrise / (The New York Times, NFB) / Katerina Cizek, Gerry Flahive, Jacqueline Myint, Jason Spingarn-Koff
Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series - The Nature of Things – Invasion of the Brain Snatchers / CBC / Radio-Canada (CBC /Radio-Canada) / (CBC / Radio-Canada) / Sue Dando, Mike Downie, FM Morrison, David Wells Best Original Music Score for a Program – Still Life A Three Pines Mystery – Robert Carli
Best Variety or Sketch Comedy Program or Series Sponsor DHX Media - Rick Mercer Report CBC (CBC) (Island Edge Inc.) Gerald Lunz, Rick Mercer, Tom Stanley
Best Music Program or Series Sponsor YANGAROO -2014 MuchMusic Video Awards
MuchMusic (Bell Media) (Bell Media) Steve Jarman, John Kampilis, Sheila Sullivan
Best Live Action Short Drama - Hole - Martin Edralin, Laura Perlmutter, Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith G. Pimentel Photography

Congratulations to all 2015 CSA Winners!

Click here for a full list of nominees and winners in every category.

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