OMDC Newsletter
March 2014

From Page To Screen

On February 25, 2014, OMDC hosted the seventh annual From Page to Screen event which took place at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, Toronto Reference Library.

This one day B2B event aims to promote the adaptation of Canadian fiction, non-fiction and children's literature published by Ontario publishers to the big and small screens. Both publishers and producers were kept busy with over 400 back-to-back meetings.


Jennifer Paul and Suzanne Ritzau, Strada Films


Maureen Whyte and Trudi Down, Seraphin Editions


Gayna Theophilus, Annick Press


Nancy Yeaman, Brain Power Studios


Sara Dunn, ECW Press


Michael McNamara, Markham Street Films

Visit From Page to Screen Facebook Gallery for photos from this event.

OMDC Book Fund Program Evaluation

Last year OMDC retained an external consultant firm, Communication MDR, to undertake an evaluation and analysis on the impact of the Book Fund to date and its value to the book publishing industry in Ontario. The results of the evaluation demonstrated that the OMDC Book Fund has had a positive ROI and been successful in meeting its objectives and that the program has had a very positive impact on the Ontario book publishing industry. Between 2005-06 and 2012-13, the Fund enabled Ontario publishers to strengthen their revenues and achieve total projected sales of $44.3 million, a projected rate of return of 363% in terms of sales achieved by publishers for every dollar expended by the OMDC. The Book Fund helped create 166 new highly skilled jobs in the Ontario publishing sector, and contributed to the retention of over 700 direct and indirect jobs.

In terms of digital advancement, the Book Fund enabled companies to bring digital production capacity in-house, saving on costs, introducing new efficiencies through internal digital workflows, and facilitating the digitization of front and backlist titles. This increased productivity has led to savings and efficiencies of 10% on average. 75% of the companies indicated that they increased their digital publishing capacity as a result of the fund. Investments from the Book Fund in digital activities have enabled publishers to accelerate their development of digital programs, releasing over 3,500 new digital titles. Significantly, 67% of these titles involved digital platforms that were new to the publisher.