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On January 18, 2013, over 300 of Ontario's cultural leaders attended OMDC's Digital Dialogue Conference. It was a full day of speakers, panel discussions, case studies and pitches. The focus of the day: "Media is at a crossroads. Never before have audiences and platforms been so interconnected. The dominant film and television landscape has been transformed by apps, games and social media technologies. The traditional players who are surviving in this brave new world are doing so by partnering with a new set of brand and technology players who are agile, versatile and truly connected with consumers. At this year's OMDC Digital Dialogue, panelists and speakers will explore how media worlds are colliding and new entertainment galaxies being created through interconnectivity across platforms."

Click on the links to watch YouTube clips from the conference.

Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AM2_6288.jpg   Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AM2_6309.jpg
OMDC's President and CEO, Karen Thorne-Stone welcomes delegates to OMDCs Digital Dialogue Conference.   Digital Dialogue's Emcee: Terry Fallis, Novelist, introduces keynote speaker Kaan Yigit.
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  Keynote Address: Kaan Yigit, President, Solutions Research: Consumer Trends in the Digital Space  

Panel 1 – Generation C: The Connected Consumer
Mobile devices and iPod technology have created a virtual water cooler. Viewers want to critique TV shows in real-time or instantly post images of themselves on Facebook while attending a music concert. Gen-C isn't defined by birth year. It refers to an emerging digital lifestyle in which consumers, who are demanding to be heard and engaged, are reshaping how content is produced and distributed. Marshall McLuhan once wrote that the medium is the message, but today the reverse is increasingly true: the message is the medium. As audiences continue to tune-in by leveraging multiple screens, they are becoming part of the story itself. The socializing entertainment trend is inspiring innovative programming and gutsy social media strategies.

Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AM2_6482.jpg   Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AM2_6510.jpg
Case Study 1: Allan Lau, CEO and Co-Founder of Wattpad   Case Study 2: Kevin Gillis, Executive Producer and CEO of Skyreader Media Inc.

Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AMM_7354.jpg
Panel 1 – Generation C: The Connected Consumer
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Moderator: Mary Maddever, Executive Editor, strategy and Publisher, Playback

  • Chris Geddes, VP of Global sales Mobovivo
  • Maria Hale, VP, Television Head of Digital and Content Distribution, Corus Entertainment,
  • Chris Harris,Head of Social Media, Shaw Media
  • Janice Diner, Founding Partner and CEO, Horizon Studios
  • David Brown, Strategic Partner Manager, Film and Television, YouTube/ Google


Panel 2: Of Innovation and Collaboration: How Digital Disruption is Driving Strategic Partnerships

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Case Study 3: Sudz Sutherland, Co-Founder of Hungry Eyes Film and Entertainment, Mu$ic Biz
Business alliances are evolving. Whether it's opportunistic or symbiotic, the sectors are cross-pollinating. Music labels are teaming up with gaming companies, filmmakers are partnering with health and education agencies, brands are working directly with content creators, and talent agencies are partnering with distribution channels. This panel will explore how companies -- run by industry leaders who started their careers in traditional media -- are trying to innovate, implement, iterate and generate new revenues that go beyond traditional licensing models.

Z:\PHOTOS & EPK\OMDC Event Photos\DIGITAL DIALOGUE\DD-Conference-Jan18-2013\facebook\AM2_6754.jpg
Panel 2: Of Innovation and Collaboration: How Digital Disruption is Driving Strategic Partnerships
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Moderator: Kate Taylor, Arts Feature Writer, The Globe and Mail

  • Nicholas de Pencier, Co-Founder, Mercury Films
  • Christina Jennings, CEO, Shaftesbury Films
  • Raja Khanna, CEO, Blue Ant Media
  • Ian Danzig, President, Exclaim! Media
  • Sudz Sutherland, Co-Founder of Hungry Eyes Film & Television (Case Study)
photos by Arthur Molla

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