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Fall 2015

OMDC Celebrates Ontario Films and Filmmakers in TIFF’s Spotlight!

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Over 900 film and Ontario cultural industry leaders joined Ontario Media Development Corporation at our annual Celebrate Ontario event on Friday September 11, 2015 at The Carlu. OMDC had nine OMDC-supported features screening at TIFF 2015 – including: Beeba Boys, Born To Be Blue, Into The Forest, Hellions, Hurt, Remember, Room, The Steps and Zoom. Watch the OMDC Film Fund trailer here.

Click on the link to watch the Celebrate Ontario video on OMDC's YouTube Channel

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Ontario filmmaker Robert Budreau (Director/Producer), of Born To Be Blue Opening Remarks by President & CEO, Karen Thorne-Stone

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Hon. Michael Coteau, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport at OMDC’s Celebrate Ontario event during TIFF 2015 Closing and Farewell Remarks – Kevin Shea, Former Chair of OMDC
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Room (No Trace Camping) - James McGough, Chantelle Kadyschuk, David Gross, Producer, Room The Steps
Andrew Currie, Director/Producer, Mary Anne Waterhouse , Producer
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Kevin Shea (Outgoing Chair of OMDC), Born To Be Blue- Robert Budreau (Director/ Producer), Leonard Farlinger and Jennifer Jonas (Producers) and Michael Coteau (Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport)
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Hurt - Alan Zweig, Director, James Weyman, OMDC Hellions- Paul Lenart, Producer
Ingrid Veninger (2015 Telefilm Canada and Birks Women in Film), Deepa Mehta and David Hamilton (Beeba Boys), Patricia Rozema (IntoThe Forest), Peter Raymont (Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr)
Vinay Virmani, Roger Frappier Al Purdy Was Here, Brian D. Johnson, Director/Producer and Michael McGowan
Beeba Boys - Gabe Grey, Deepa Mehta (Director), Randeep Hooda, Sarah Allen, Ali Momen, Gia Sandhu, Ali Kazmi and David Hamilton (Producer) C:\Users\saw\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\AM8_4960.jpg
Boxing, Grayson Moore, Director Boxing, Katie Boland, Producer
/ 2015 Telefilm Canada and Birks Women in Film
HellionsPascal Trottier, Writer
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Boy, Connor Jessup, Producer/ Director / Star of Closet Monster Closet Monster, Stephen Dunn, Director and Ralph Zimmerman
Ontario Filmmakers - Kirk Comrie, Chad Maker, Lora Campbell, David Miller
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Bacon & God’s Wrath
Sol Friedman, Director
Sarah Clifford-Rashotte, Producer
Sherren Lee, Juan Delgado
Kevin Shea, Minister Michael Coteau, Karen Thorne-Stone, Sharifa Khan, Anita McOuat, Bill Wong
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Exit/Entrance or Trasumanar
Director: Federica Foglia,
Executive Producer: Deepa Mehta
The Waiting Room
Director/Producer: Igor Drljaca
Special thanks to our Celebrate Ontario sponsors PwC and Deluxe! Visit OMDC’s 2015 Celebrate Ontario Facebook Gallery for more photos from this event.

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