OMDC Newsletter
April 2014

2014 OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund Recipients Announced

OMDC has awarded $3 million to assist in the production financing of 23 interactive digital media projects through support from the OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund. The OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund enables Ontario-based interactive digital media content producers to complete their financing with a contribution of up to $150,000.

Phantom Compass company director Tony Walsh has seen Ontario’s game industry expand in leaps and bounds in recent years.

“Ontario offers an excellent atmosphere for game studios--this is evidenced by the growth of the game industry in this province. Operating in Ontario isn't just a lifestyle choice for us--the economic climate and OMDC-managed programs provide us with the tools we need to expand and to compete in the global arena.”

While a substantial number of funded projects can be classified as games, other content categories are also seeing success. Nancy Helstab, president of Breezin’ Thru, an e-learning company, is thrilled to receive funding for the first time through this program. She explains, “the OMDC’s IDM fund is pivotal to the growth of our company as it is supporting the development and launch of our second exciting e-learning product, Breezin’ Thru Composing. As a small but fast-growing company in the e-learning space, it is very challenging to fund both rapid geographic expansion and new product development at the same time. But as we all know, expanding on both fronts is critical to success for interactive digital media companies, and the OMDC IDM Fund makes this possible.”

The full list of funding recipients is below.



Bingo King

Magmic Inc.

Breezin’ Thru Composing

Breezin’ Thru Inc.

Bullet Age


Castle Game

Neptune Interactive Inc.

Planet of the Eyes


Dragon Kingdoms

Massive Damage Inc.

Dungeon Heist

Get Set Games Inc.

Dungeon Rollers

Phantom Compass Inc.

The Fields of Asteria

Stitch Media

Dark Hart Academy

Spooky Squid Games Inc.

Knight and Damsel

MK-ULTRA Games Inc.

Loud on Planet X (working title)

Pop Sandbox Inc.

Project Food

Mikutech Inc.

My Singing Monsters – Jelly Rain

Big Blue Bubble Inc.

Parlor Pop

Uken Studios Inc.


Maple Media Inc.


Drinkbox Studios Inc.

Space Janitors (III)

Space Mop

Space Riders: Division Earth

iThentic Canada Inc.

Tiny Heroes

Big Viking Games Inc.

Trudy’s Mechanicals

Incubator Games Inc.

Whatever, Linda

Secret Location Inc.

Wild Kratts Mobile

Kratt Brothers Company Ltd.

Promoting Ontario Game Developers at GDC 2014

Danica from the game Chat Fu (Blot Interactive) visits the Ontario booth at GDC.  (Kodos: Character by: Eddie Faria & Alvin AquinoEdited by: Shannon Conrad)

Alex Golebiowski, CEO of PixelNAUTS and Kim Gibson, OMDC’s Industry Initiatives, Interactive Digital Media, Program Consultant at the Ontario Booth at GDC Play.

Ontario companies attending the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco from March 17-21, 2014 had the opportunity to demo their games on the GDC Expo floor as part of GDC Play.

On March 20, 2014, OMDC with our partners Interactive Ontario and The Hand Eye Society hosted an event for Ontario game developers attending GDC. Over 180 people attended the first ever Ontario Social where networking was happening at a fast and furious pace.

Ontario is home to a vibrant video game development industry, which includes over 100 thriving independent firms creating award-winning products for a variety of platforms, genres and markets. Below is the impressive list of Ontario game developers that attended GDC this year with the support of the OMDC Export Fund:

  • Asteroid Base
  • BDA Entertainment
  • Big Blue Bubble
  • Big Viking Games
  • Blot Interactive
  • Capybara Games
  • DHX Media Interactive
  • Digital Extremes
  • DrinkBox Studios
  • Finish Line Games
  • Fuel Industries
  • Game Hive
  • Get Set Games
  • Glitchsoft
  • Little Guy Games
  • Longbow Games
  • Love Conquers All Games
  • Magmic
  • marblemedia
  • Mark Animation
  • Massive Damage
  • Metanet Software
  • Phantom Compass
  • PixelNAUTS
  • Playbrains
  • Rocket 5 Studios
  • Snakehead Games
  • Spooky Squid Games
  • Springbay Studio
  • Uken Studios
  • Untold Entertainment
  • XMG Studio

The range and depth of Ontario game developers is being recognized both at home and abroad. This year, for the first time an Ontario game developer – Nathan Vella, Capybara Games was asked to host the prestigious 2014 IGF Awards.

Mike Schmalz - Digital Extremes and Vikas Gupta - TransGaming   Jim Munroe - The Hand Eye Society and Rob Segal - Get Set Games